Follow Q 8/24/15

Congratulations Kelly Baker Landsberg for winning last week’s Follow Q. If you did not win, that’s ok you can always enter next week. For the answer to last week’s question, watch Episode 14 of Follow Me111. Good luck! 


Episode 13

First Priority, hurricane Erika and Epcot resorts all on this week’s #Followme111 


Eyes to the Skies

Everyone knows it’s a bad idea to do water sports in a thunderstorm. However, what do you do when you get stuck in one?  My family and I had that happen today. When we got to Burt Reynolds Park today in the Jupiter area the clouds started rolling in. We still decided to put in. We weren’t in the water for 10 minutes before the Lightning and thunder started rolling. Before we knew it there was a full on gale storm over our heads. We were forced to shore our kayaks and hide under a dock. 

 We sat in the sand praying for our lives as the storm raged overhead for an hour. It was awful. We were afraid a tornado was going to hit. The rain was coming sideways and lightning was everywhere. 

 When we got back to our car we checked the radar and saw there was a severe thunderstorm and flood warning. These storms were not on the radar when we put in. There was only a small green blurp where we were.

 What’s the moral to the story? Keep your eyes to the skies. When you hear thunder, turn around and go back in. You are playing with your life if you don’t. Do not make the same mistake we did. Having a good time is not worth risking your life. Play safe and keep your eyes on the skies!