Hollywood Tower Hotel


“A friendly word of wisdom to those of you who made it. Something you won’t find in any guidebook. The next time you check into a vacant hotel on the dark side of Hollywood make sure you know what kind of vacancy you are filling.”

Ever wonder what it would be like to enter a haunted hotel where the undead are the bellmen and the elevator doesn’t exactly work right? Than this ride is right up your alley. Though the ride itself is a little on the darker side of family fun the images are not terrifying, though the drops are.┬áThe Tower of Terror has progressed since its debut when the drops were pre- programmed. Now a computer is in control making each ride random and unique. You never know how many times you’ll go up and down and up and down and…… The Tower of Terror beautifully combines the Twilight Zone theme with family entertainment. Have fun this summer and take your family to another a dimension… a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas…because this ride takes you directly to…the Twilight Zone!